Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sweet Mango Pickle

Last night I prepared the popular Gujrati pickle, Mango Chunda. This is the first time, I tried for pickle recipes.

In his book, Cooking with Love, Sanjeev Kapoor mentioned one of his favorite food prepared by his mother-in-law. I loved the recipe. But since unripe mangoes were not available in our local market, so tried with the less-ripe mangoes. This worked. I have stored in a sterilized jar & today we had it in breakfast, lunch and while having bhakarwadi too :)


Mangoes - 500gm
salt - 1tbs
turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
sugar - 500gm
chilli powder - 1tbs
Fennel Seeds - 2tbs


1. Wash,dry thoroughly,peel & grate mangoes.
2. Place the grated mangoes in a stainless steel bowl. Add salt & set aside for 1hr.
3. Add the turmeric powder & sugar, mix.
4. Cook on medium heat till the sugar dissolves & forms a syrup of one thread consistency.
5. Set aside to cool completely.
6. The next day, add the chilly powder & sauf powder & mix.

You can store in a air tight jar.

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