Friday, July 6, 2012

Baked Paneer Curry

As I have mentioned in my earlier blog on Baked Paneer, that some more experiment will be done on baking paneer, so here is my new recipe on Baked Paneer.


For Baking Paneer:
Paneer - 100 gm
Flour - 5 tb spoon 
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder - 1 tea-spoon
black pepper powder - 1/2 tea-spoon
oil to fry

For Curry:
Bay leaves - 2
Elaichi - 4-5
Potato - 3
Onion - 2 (big)
Garlic - 1
Ginger paste- 1 tb spoon
Jeera Powder - 1 tea spoon
Dhania Powder - 2 tea spoon
Chilly Powder - 1 tea spoon
Sugar - 1/2 tb spoon (if you like sweet taste)
Salt to taste


To make Baked Paneer:
1. Mash Paneer with salt and black pepper powder to make a smooth batter.

2. Heat the pressure cooker for 5 mins. Grease and dust the baking container with oil & flour.
3. Pour the batter in it and place the tightly closed container in the cooker after adding a little water. Keep the cooker on low flame.
4. After 20mins turn off the heat & set aside the container.
5. Take out baked content out of container and cut it in pieces in your desired shape.

6. Mix flour, water, turmeric powder to make a paste. Coat each piece with the paste and dip fry in oil.
7. The koftas are ready.

8. You can have the koftas with Pudina chatni or Tomato sauce. Or you can make the curry.

To make Curry:
1. Cut potato,onion,tomato.
2. Heat d remaining oil in kadai and add bay leaves and  elaichi. Add garlic followed by onions.
3. Saute over medium heat till onions become soft,then add potato pieces.
4. When the potatoes are light brown add tomatoes. Saute it over low heat. Aftr 2-3min add ginger paste and masalas. Adjst salt.
5. Saute. After 2 min add sufficient water acc to the curry amount you want.
6. Cover and lower d heat. Cook for 8min. 
7. When water starts boiling and the potato become soft, add the koftas.
8. Cover the kadai. After 5min highr the flame and add dhania patta. 
9. After 3min turn off the heat & the curry is ready.
10. Serve hot with nun, chapati or rice.

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